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3 Ways Women Can Change the World Today

There is no doubt that we live in a time of accelerated social change on a global scale. While we have made substantial leaps, there is much work to be done regarding women's equality and empowerment. 

In the states, women are still struggling. They struggle to be taken seriously, earn equal pay, secure capital investments, and climb that corporate ladder. In many ways, it is still a male-dominated society in which we live. This imbalance must change both locally and globally. Thankfully, we can change this! 

Why is the empowerment of women so important? 

As evident from surveys, when a woman has more equality and can contribute to her household, she can also contribute to children's education and family health. This impacts a community's overall economic growth. When she is oppressed, so are her children, thus continuing the cycle of poverty and disempowerment. 

So, when we take action toimpact social change, we can dramatically change the status quo and future generations to come. But it requires us to change the way we see the world and how we operate in it for this change to happen. Are you ready to make an impact and change the world? Let's get started. 

Think globally, act locally 

It is very easy to go through our daily routines seeing only what is in front of us. Too often, we turn a blind eye to what is happening in the rest of the world. But it is time for us to open our eyes and see both the oppression and opportunities for empowerment that lie before us. 

Did you know that in India, women and girls are still forced to walk for water for up to 10 hours a day with large jars of water on their heads? This robs them of an education and any opportunity to earn an income and move towards their financial independence. When water scarcity exists, girls cannot get an education often dropping out of school by the 5th grade to walk for water. That same girl is married off before her 18th birthday because she has no skills and no options. 

women walking for water

When you "think globally" you bring that woman into your heart and consciousness. Her story,like Gavra’s, becomes real to you.SHE becomes real to you.And you can help her in profound ways from something simple you can do on the local level, like buying herartisan made products to help her build her business. 

Define your call to service 

Before getting involved in any women's empowerment movement, you should define what is important to you. Many women who have been involved in domestic or sexual abuse situations wish to help other survivors. People who have traveled to other countries and seen first hand theoppression in this world feel called to this area. If you would like to take a virtual visit to Rajasthan, pleasewatch this video to see the WomenServe impact we are making. 

Regardless,following your heart when it comes to being of service is important. What speaks to your soul? 

Support a Nonprofit 

There are many nonprofits on the planet that are making huge impacts with their work. The easiest way for you to get involved in the women's empowerment movement is tosupport a nonprofit that resonates with you. When you join the seedof WomenServe, you send out a ripple effect that createstidal waves of impactfor women and girls in India. 

Use your voice to empower others.

You don't have to have gobs of money or be an activist to make a difference for women's empowerment on the global level. Your voice can often be the most powerful tool that you use. 

Using your voice looks like respectfully educating others on the realities of the world, sharing your cause on social media, and being a verbal advocate for the causes you support. 

So you see,empowering women on a global levelis not that hard. You can donate what you can afford to the causes that are calling you,shop as an act of service, or just share this message with your friends on social. We all need to do our part for the women on this planet who need us. And they do, indeed, need us. 

When you shop the WomenServe store, you empower a woman to earn an income, provide for her family, and experience financial freedom for the first time in her life.