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5 Compelling Reasons To Believe Earth is a Woman of Power

For as long as we have been alive, we have heard the term "Mother Nature." Have you ever wondered why and how this term came to be? AtWomenServe, we emphatically believe thatEarth is a manifestation of feminine energy. But we would like to take this a step further. We would like to declare our home, Earth, to be awoman of power. And this woman, she is a strong, yet gentle goddess. 

Mother Earth - The Creator of Life

Everything that is living today was created from organic matter. From the tiniest cell to the most complex humans. We are born from the Earth. 

 So let us start with the most basic of feminine traits, the creation of life. Yes, male energies such as the Sun are required to make this happen. But the womb of creation is all in the Mother. The seeds are planted within her rich and fertile soil. If she does not produce fruit, she is barren. If she has never been planted upon before, she is a virgin. 

Mother Earth is indeed the giver of life. She gives us oxygen to breathe, water to sustain our bodies, and food to give us energy. Without these essential elements, life is not possible. 

Yes, Earth is a creator and sustainer of life and awoman of power indeed. 

She Holds the Wisdom of the Earth

Indigenous people have been using thewisdom found in plants to heal as long as they have walked the Earth's wise soil. Before the birth of the pharmaceutical industry, herbs as medicinals were the natural way to heal our bodies.Medicine men and women knew and respected this powerful wisdom that was graciously put here for our use. 

In modern times we have moved away from this natural feminine wisdom. But a return to the power of mother nature's healing properties can be found in the rise of traditional herbalism. This Earth wisdom is practiced by acclaimed herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.

She has the power to heal

No doubt you have heard the term "the healing power of nature." But, how does the Earth do this? She grows herbs to help heal our bodies. We dig clay from below her surface whichheals cuts and scrapes. And serenity of mind is found on long walks through the forest. Yes, nature, thiswoman of power we call Earth, has the power to heal. 

There is a subtle yet powerful intelligence that runs through every living thing, humans included. If we listen to this intelligence, miracles unfold. 

She is taking back her power

The most common similarity between women and the Earth is the oppression that we share. Women everywhere have been seen as being less than. They have been disrespected simply for being women. We have had to fight for our rights and safety.

As a society, are we not doing this to our Earth as well? The landfills are overflowing, the climate is in crisis, and we are still moving in the wrong direction. But Mother Earth is slowly taking back her power. In the end, she will be restored to her bountiful beauty.  

In 1907Leo Baekeland invented the first fully synthetic plastic, meaning no molecules were found in nature. Just 100 years later, we have seen plastics take over our planet, kill our wildlife, and create havoc on a global scale. 

Leaders in the natural products industry are now rapidly looking for (and finding) solutions to our plastic problem. Where are they finding them?Within our own Earth. Go figure! 

An Ego-less Call to Service 

Today, what many view as powerful is often masqueraded as people with huge egos wanting to control, dominate and step on others to get ahead. But this is not the way of true power. 

Real strength comes from stepping back, doing good, being of service, and not caring for the praise that comes with it. Our planet provides for us without asking for anything in return. She gives unconditionally and does so quietly. She doesn’t ask for credit. She loves us fiercely, continuing to create even though she knows many do not love her in return. She quietly eases our fears on our walks through her trees. She graces our presence through the bounty of beauty we call "nature" while silently reveling in our enjoyment and peace. 

A True Woman of Power 

Yes, theEarth is a True Woman of Power. As we enter the age of Aquarius, thedivine feminine age, we see the strength of this powerful force. But she will not display her power by yelling, screaming, or punishing others. No.She will softly whisper in our ears with love.And as faithful stewards, we will love, serve and nurture her in return, grateful to belong. That is the essence of true power. To gracefully lead, with her head held high, reminding us all that we are all connected. 

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