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An October of Magic at WomenServe

Magic, a Mission, and Social Impact

October… the month when the Earth begins to cool in preparation for Winter and the children (both young and old) start getting ready for that magical holiday known as Halloween. At WomenServe, we have certainly had our fair share of October magic and we would love to dazzle you with the abundance we brewed.

Day of the Girl 2021

On October 26th, an intimate gathering of compassionate and passionate people came together to celebrate girls… the future leaders of this world. The beautiful and sacred grounds of the Traditional Medicinals guest house set the stage for an evening of storytelling, shopping for a cause, and an Indian feast served by generous volunteers. 

Nioma Sadler with WomenServe gives Day of the Girl Address

Nioma Sadler, founder of  WomenServe, told stories of young girls who are married before their 14th birthdays, who never get a chance to have an education. But she also told of the girls whose lives change when the burden of walking for water is lifted, and she can go to school and graduate from the 12th grade. These were beautiful stories told that inspired gifts to further the work of WomenServe, and other outpourings of love. 

There is still time to give. Pop into WomenServe and join The Seed today. 

Shop for a Cause

At the Day of the Girl celebration, volunteers and WomenServe team members popped up a shop featuring the work of the Thar Artisan Collective - an economic development initiative of WomenServe. This collective is a business incubator for 120+ women who are changing their lives and improving their livelihood. 

Shop womenserve artisan store


One of the newest popup shop favorites were the beautiful recycled silk Saari pillow cases the women of the Thar Artisan Collective just completed. These pieces are special, and unlike anything else you will ever find. These women are so proud of their work, and so appreciative of the patrons that value it. With every Kantha stitch made across the silk fabric, a dream was stitched - one you helped make true.

Her name is sewn in the fabric, as a reminder that from her hands to your heart, we are all connected. 

You can take one of these pillows home with you too by shopping at our online store any time of year. 

pillows with purpose shop for a cause


The Beauty of Volunteers - A Love Story

When it came time to re-invent the WomenServe shop, we had a beautiful vision. Being a small nonprofit organization with a big heart and global mission, resources to make this creative vision a reality were sparse. In June we petitioned the Universe for all of the magic it could send our way… the results are nothing short of amazing. 

First to this dream team was  Lynda LeMole, pictured on the left below, who is volunteering in the role of Creative Director. Lynda’s impeccable attention to detail combined with her natural fashion sense kicked this project into high gear. She is the epitome of a committed volunteer with a heart of gold. 


womenseve popup shop


But you can’t create magic without a magician, and in comes Nirav Solanki of Nirav Solanki Photography.  Nioma and Nirav met in Rajasthan on one of her many trips founding WomenServe. They became fast friends. Learning he was a professional photographer, Nioma asked him to document WomenServe and Traditional Medicinals work there. He obliged, resulting in stunning photography capturing the very essence of the plants and people who live there. 

When Nirav learned we were in need of lifestyle photography to showcase the work of the Thar Artisan Collective, he graciously donated his time and talent to the photoshoot. There are angels in this world, and Nirav is most definitely one of them. 

But what about the models?

You can’t have a photoshoot without those. Again, all of the pieces fell together as those who believe in the WomenServe mission volunteered their bodies and spirits to be dressed and adorned to express just how beautiful serving others can be. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for them. Their grace and beauty shines through the shutter of the artist's camera lens yielding absolute perfection. 


volunteers for womenserve day of the girl photoshoot

The vision that we had for the shop has manifested into an incredible reality… better than we even imagined. And it all happened because people choose to Love & Serve. When you lead with love, all things are possible.

Will you be the next link in this chain of WomenServe magic? Shop the WomenServe store today and help further the impact we are making for the women and girls of Rajasthan. 


WomenServe seeks to unlock the potential of women and girls in Western Rajasthan, India by increasing access to water security, health & hygiene, education, and economic empowerment.  Visit WomenServe today to learn more about our mission, vision, and impact.