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High Fashion Meets High Impact

High Fashion Meets High Impact:Gender Equality for Women and Girls in India.

Looking good and feeling good are two things we all strive for. Often, you may feel you have to sacrifice one for the other. But what if you could have an amazing style that you are complimented on wherever you go? A style unique to your high fashion sense… that also feels good to your Spirit?

When you shop at the WomenServe artisan boutique, you can indeed have the best of both worlds. Why? Because shopping for a cause you believe in feels good. The fashion… well, that is the big bonus! 

High Fashion Meets High Social Impact 

Rajasthan, India is home to a beautiful culture, full of amazing women who seem to flow effortlessly in the desert. Their brightly colored garments flowing in the breeze, reminds us just how vibrant life can be. The women that WomenServe works with in the villages are our inspiration for the products we share with you. 

In this artisan boutique, these carefully curated products don't just beam with style and a unique flare, they also give back to the powerful women who made them.

These high-fashion items accentuate any outfit, while also supporting the livelihood and empowerment of the artisans.

When you adorn your body with these accessories, your outfits eloquently communicate:  "I am powerful, and I care where my clothes come from and how their makers are treated."


The Social Impact Shopping for a Cause Makes  

But high fashion isn’t the only thing that WomenServe strives for. First, and foremost, our mission is to create water security in Rajasthan. In this area of the world, women and girls have to walk up to 10 hours a day to collect water. This burden robs girls of a chance at an education. It compromises her health and hygiene. It keeps women impoverished, unable to earn an income. 

But when she has water, she has amazing opportunities that are created before her eyes. 

The social impact water has on girls

When girls don’t have to walk for water with their mothers, they can go to school and graduate from the 12th grade. She can go to college, and create the life she desires. The alternative is being married to someone she doesn't know before her 18th birthday. 

The social impact water has on women’s financial security.

When a woman doesn’t have to walk for water, she can join an artisan group, like the Thar Artisan Collective. In this group, she engages in a fellowship of other women all moving in an upward direction. They encourage one another while creating artisan goods that can help support their family. 

The impact water has on a family’s health and hygiene. 

When a family has water close to home, the health and hygiene of the family increases. Mortality rates decrease. Washing of dishes, and bodies, can be done easily. Can you imagine washing dishes with sand? Yes, this is a reality for women in the desert of Rajasthan, when water is scarce.


Take Action by Shopping for a Cause Today 

The WomenServe Artisan Store isn’t just a place to find high fashion, upcycled, slow fashion garments and accessories. It is a place to make a high impact for women and girls who need it the most. 

100% of the money  you spend in our shop creates opportunity in villages in the desert that need it most.  

Shop our store and create high social impact for women and girls today!