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Shop for a Cause This Holiday Shopping Season

Shop for a Cause and Celebrate the Work of Women This Holiday Shopping Season

Cooler temps are blowing through the air. Fallen leaves all nestle into the ground crunching beneath your feet. Families are planning what might be their first family gathering in more than a year.

Yes, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we all know what that means… It's time to start thinking about holiday shopping. This year, you want to shop for a cause you believe in. 

Like many conscious consumers, you may be wondering how you can maximize your holiday giving for maximum social impact. At the same time, you may be wondering how you can use your end of year charitable donation to make the biggest impact.

So, the team at WomenServe is going to lay out four fun and rewarding ways you can shop for a cause and give back at the same time.

4 Ways you can shop for a cause and support women this season.

  • Shop Nonprofit Stores with a Big Social Mission
  • Support a female artisan 
  • Support a Mission-led female owned startup
  • Subscription boxes with heart-felt missions

Shop nonprofit stores for gifts that give back. 

When thinking of charitable giving, shopping might not come immediately to mind. So it may surprise and delight you to know many nonprofits run online stores. Shopping fuels the good work they do. 

When you shop at one of these stores, like the WomenServe Shop, you take home a beautiful gift for your most cherished person. But that is only half of the good news. You also move the needle even further for women and girls in Rajasthan. 

shop for a cause this holiday season

Shopping for a cause is fun and good for the soul!

The biggest benefit from shopping nonprofit stores is knowing your money is directly influencing social change.

WomenServe filters 100% of the revenue generated in the store back into programs creating water security in the desert, educational programs for girls, and training for women to start their own businesses.

Support a Woman Owned Artisan Shop 

Another way you can create social impact and shop for a cause this holiday season is by supporting female artisans and those who sell her goods. It is special to receive a gift where love and dedication went into every bead, thread, and stitch. Artisan gifts are often one of a kind. You are one of a kind. Your gifts can be one of a kind, too. 

The Thar Artisan Collective is an initiative started by WomenServe. 108 women used to walk up to 10 hours a day through the desert in Rajasthan to fetch water. Since being freed of that burden through WomenServe’s work in water security, these women now have opportunities to earn an income for themselves and their families. 

These 108 women in Rajasthan collectively create products to support their families. WomenServe is proud to offer these artisans a platform to share their goods with our community.

Support her dreams, fuel the WomenServe fire, and shop the Thar Artisan Collective collection today. 

shop for a cause and support the Thar Artisan Collective

Support a mission-led female owned startup

There are few things harder than founding and launching a startup. Childbirth, perhaps, but these two things are one in the same.

Many women burn the midnight oil, seven days a week, just trying to birth their business baby into the world. They are on fire to influence change, and need your support. 

It is important that you lift your sisters up and help them shine. I

f you wish to add this to your shop for a cause strategy, check out this list of mission-led female founded startups, find one that speaks to your heart, and send her some love this holiday season.  

Gift Boxes that Give Back

Gifting a subscription box to someone can be a lot of fun for them. It’s like having Christmas on repeat every other month or so, depending on the subscription.  Our favorite subscription boxes are those with a sweet social mission. 

Our friends over at The Butter Box are creating clean water initiatives for children in Ghana. We applaud their efforts as we share the same vision of a water secure world. You can also check out these16 subscription boxes with a purpose. 

The holiday season can be hectic, with energies flying in every direction. Take a moment to stop, be still, focus inward and listen that voice that calls you to be of service and shop accordingly.

Shop for a cause at the WomenServe Shop. 

shop for a good cause this season

Every penny that you spend in our shop creates water security in villages in the desert that need it most. Because when she has water she has her health, her education, and an opportunity to write a new life free from the burden of walking for water.

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