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The WomenServe Story

Water Security Creates Economic & Gender Equality in Rajasthan, India.

One woman dared to dream of a world where women and girls achieve their full potential. That dream is the seed that has grown into the high-impact non-profit WomenServe.  

Nioma Sadler, founder of WomenServe, did not have a typical upbringing. With non-traditional parents that denied her a formal education, she buried herself in books and stories of powerful and courageous women who shaped who she would one day become. As a girl, such stories taught, encouraged, and inspired her. As a woman, she is committed to telling the stories of the very women she was inspired to help one day, bringing the beauty and power of storytelling full circle. 

A trip that changed a life and a small part of the world.

The story of WomenServe begins when Nioma traveled to Rajasthan as the Goodwill Ambassador for Traditional Medicinals tea company in 2006. The Senna that is used for their best selling “Smooth Move” tea is farmed in Rajasthan. While visiting to check on the farming of the Senna crops, Nioma would sit with women in their kitchens over tea, and listen to their tales of the oppression that still exists in rural India. 

WomenServe creates water security in Rajasthan, India

She began documenting the stories women would share with her, but her heart called out to do more…

In Rajasthan, women are largely married between the ages of 12 to 18 and are expected to walk up to 10 hours a day carrying water on their heads, leaving them little time for anything else.

But when she has water, she has her education, her health, and the opportunity for economic equality. This is why the focus on 100% water security in Rajasthan, India is so important.

Through the maintenance and building of village water containment units, WomenServe has been able to provide water to roughly 28,000 people. 

Education for girls is a priority.

Through education initiatives, 5 primary schools in rural India have been built and employ female teachers.

Health & Hygiene needs.

Through health and hygiene initiatives, female health workers have been trained to provide basic health services there.

Economic Opportunity

Through artisan initiatives, 108 women now have the skills necessary to sell their own hand-sewn goods and begin earning an income for the first time in her life. 

WomenServe is about holding women's and girls' stories sacred and sharing them to create change, raise awareness, and progress towards a more equal and empowered reality for women across the globe.