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3 Ways You Can Use Your Power and Create Change for Women & Girls Today

"The world will be saved by the Western woman" – The Dalai Lama

There is a woman in this world who says YES to her creative power. She knows her worth in this world. She understands that we are all connected. And she believes even the smallest of actions taken by a woman with a good heart impacts a woman who needs her.  

Yes. You are here. You are one of these women! 

Here are 3 ways you can be the ripple that creates the tidal wave of change we are here to create.

Join our Community of Women Making Waves

At WomenServe, we are here to inspire, educate, and keep you informed of the impact we are making for the women of this planet. Subscribe to our newsletter and join this community of women creating positive change in this world today.  



Elevate & Support Our Artisans


WomenServe has created an artisan group in Rajasthan who are eager to work, send their daughters to school, and contribute to their families.


You can give these women the gift of an income by shopping at our store. 100% of the profits go directly back into our programs of empowerment and the women in our community. 



Be the Seed of Change with Monthly Giving.


At WomenServe, we believe being a philanthropist is not linked to your wallet, but to your heart.  Even the smallest financial gift creates a massive impact for the women and girls of Rajasthan, India.View our impact, and know you are a part of what helps that impact possible.


Be the powerful woman that you are. Say YES!

>Join the Seed


What you are saying “yes” to.


Saying "yes" to this creative force within us, means first saying "no."


At WomenServe, we are a community of influential game-changers who say "yes,wecanchange the cultural norms that no longer serve the women of this planet."


We are saying"unacceptable"to a girl being married off to a man she has never met before her 18th birthday.  


We say "no" to water scarcity being the cultural element keeping women and girls shackled to a life of poverty and oppression. 


At WomenServe, we have seen the impact secure water sources can have on the lives of young girls, women, and entire communities. Andwe say "yes" to building systems of empowermentwhere women and girls can flourish and realize their full potential.

As women step into our power to sayno, we sayyes to creating real change on this planet.


No matter how small,every action we take changes the lives of women and girls in Rajasthan. And when we change the life of even one woman, she uses her powerful "yes" as well, perpetuating the powerful cycle of metamorphic change we are creating on this planet.


Yes. The world will be saved by the Western woman! The woman that answers her call to serve, elevate, and stand up for other women when they cannot. 


Thank you for being here! 


WomenServe is a nonprofit organization seeking to create 100% water security in Western Rajasthan by 2030. Your support makes this vision a possible reality.