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HerOpportunity: Economic Empowerment through WomenServe

To take control of her life, a woman must have the skills and opportunity to earn  an income and decide her own future.

Sobering Statistics:
  • 73% of women are jobless
  • 65% of rural women are illiterate.
  • 13%of landowners who are female.


WomenServe partners with Sadhna, a social enterprise in Rajasthan that provides training to women artisans to improve their skills and businesses, and a support network to empower them to make their own decisions.


Economic Empowerment through the Thar Artisan Collective.

WomenServe founded and supports the Thar Artisan Collective (TAC), a program that provides indigenous handicraft mentorship and teaches the women of Western Rajasthan how to sell their textile crafts and goods via retail and wholesale. You can find these products here! 

The Incredible Impact of the Thar Artisan Collective (TAC)

  • Provides women with ongoing skill development in traditional handicrafts and international market access linkages. 
  • There are currently 128 members in the Collective, in two villages with TAC centers who are increasing their skill level and household income.
  • $29,000 in revenue earned by TAC in 2019 

The goal of WomenServe is to build their capacity to a point where they can be self-governed, have a good understanding of business practices, improve quality and increase their order fulfillment capacity, by linking TAC members to other companies and helping them develop their own brand.

Storytelling - Raise Her Voice

Since first having tea with Rajasthani women in their kitchens in 2007, Nioma Narissa Sadler, founder of WomenServe learned of the plight facing them and their girls. At that time, she made it her personal mission to raise their collective voices by telling their stories for themselves, to one another, and to all of us so that we can connect on our shared human experience and also be expanded by the perspective these women have to offer. 

Tea & Taankas—Nioma continues to spend time going village to village and having tea with women in their kitchens, listening and recording her stories to be shared with the world. 

Read the stories of these brave Rajasthani women here.