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How One Woman’s Dream is Creating Better Lives for Women and Girls in Rajasthan, India

The proven impact of women helping women.

There is a water and gender equality crisis in Western Rajasthan, India. But one brave woman and her dream to influence social change is making a huge impact on the women and girls who live there. 

You may not know this, butwomenwalk for water up to 10 hours a day in the desert heat, which keeps women in the home, unable to earn income, girls out of school, and poses risks to their health and safety.


But when she has water, her health, her education and her opportunity for empowerment can all be realized. 


Nioma Sadler, founder of WomenServe, has a dream to amplify the stories of women and girls around the world. She is doing this to helpall women and girls attain gender equality. 

“Being a woman can be hard” Nioma declares. She learned this firsthand through her experience growing up in a rural area without access to formal education. Later, her travels to Rajasthan, India as the Goodwill Ambassador forTraditional Medicinals tea company, opened her eyes to the fact that women and girls there - and around the world - face many common challenges. 

The work of her non-profit,WomenServe,focuses on removing barriers to empowerment so that ALL women can live the dream of a better tomorrow. 

The social impact of WomenServe can be measured in the following ways:


WATER: When she has water she doesn’t have to walk and hasaccess to hygiene and sanitation resources to care for herself and her family.

Water security interventions leverage traditional water harvesting techniques including maintenance of villageNaadis (rainwater catchment ponds), and buildingTaankas (rainwater catchment tanks) andKhadins (agricultural rainwater systems).

554 tankas have been built in rajasthan India by women helping women through womenserve

By implementing these simple water harvesting techniques in Rajasthan, India,WomenServegave back an estimated 200,000 hours of walking per year to women and girlsthat could be used for health and hygiene, education, and economic development.

200,000 hours of walking for water were saved by women helping women in Rajasthan, India through WomenServe

EDUCATION:When she has water she cango to school, and even graduate from 12th grade. 

In Rajasthan, like many parts of the world, women and girls are often denied access to the same educational opportunities that are offered to young men. Education is a critical driver for social, economic, and political progress and gender equity. 

WomenServe has built 14 schools for girls in Rajasthan India

EducateHERprovides a sustainable and quality education model bybuilding new schools and improving infrastructure and management of current schools. This hashelped 2465 girls get an education. 

2465 girls in Rajasthan, India now have access to an education through WomenServe women helping women.

Bike scholarshipsprovide access to transportation to school, otherwise girls would have to walk through the desert many miles to attend.693 bicycle scholarships have been awarded since 2009.

bike scholarships for girls in Rajasthan India through women helping women in Womenserve

OPPORTUNITY: When she has water she cangenerate income, build a business, and create her own future.


When women are systematically denied access to the same economic opportunities that men can access, cycles of poverty are created and repeated. The non-profit entity, WomenServe and it’s slow fashion artisan store Bangle Sisters, is always looking for ways to remove these cultural barriers so that women can empower themselves and create their own opportunities. 


Self Help Groups{SHG) are collections of 8-12 women who willingly join together for support, discussion, skill-building, and financial benefits. Typically meeting once a month, members can take a loan from the group, based on group consensus, for any purpose. In addition to the activities outlined above, SHGs are provided training on topics ranging from group management and leadership to vocational skills.

women artisan self help groups in Rajasthan India

Thar Artisan Collective (TAC) provides indigenous handicraft mentorship and business skills building to sell textile crafts and goods via retail/wholesale.$29,000 in revenue was earned by TAC in 2019. You will find their artisan-made, hand-stitched items in the WomenServe shop that supports them. 

women's artisan groups in Rajasthan India through women helping women in WomenServe

There are currently 128 members in the Collective, in two villages with TAC centers who are increasing their skill level and household income. Our goal is to build their capacity to a point where they can be self-governed, have a good understanding of business practices, improve quality and increase their order fulfillment capacity.


By linking TAC members to other companies we help them develop their own brand, support their families, and create better lives. 


Join us in our mission to create better lives for women and girls by supporting the WomenServe artisan store or supporting our non-profit, WomenServe.org.